The project was designed by the Malawi Government in concisistent with the Governments aim to diversify the economy from agro to mineral based. The project became effective on 23rd August 2021. The overall coordination, and manabgement of the project was carried by the Ministry of Mining while implementation of the project was being undertaken by key implementing institutions which are Department of Geological Surveys, Department of Mines, Department of Environmental Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education and Malawi Revenue Authority. The project was financed by a loan in the amount of US$25 million from International Development Agency and a grant of approximately US$6 million equvaanet in co-fiancing from the European Union making a total of US$31 milliom.
The project development objective (PDO) was to improve the efficiency, transperancy and sustainability of mining sector management. Apart from being consistent with the national development agenda, the project objective is also in line with the themes of promoting sustainable, diversified and inclusive growth and improving governance contained in the 2021-2015 draft Country Asstance Stargtegy of the World Bank.
Project achievements
  • Finalising and review of the Mines and Minerals Act
  • Installation of the Geo-Data Management Information Sytem at the Geological Survey Deoartmnt
  • Refurbishment and rehabilitation of Cadastre Offices, DoM laboratory and Commissioners Office
  • Review of curriculum for Earth Sciences and Geography programme at Chancellor College
  • Mining Equipment at the Polytehcnic
  • Refurbishment works of Chemical Labortory, Lapidary Section.


Ministry of Mining,

P.O Box 251,

Lilongwe, MALAWI

Tel: +265-1-755 303

Matamando House,

City Center, Lilongwe


Analysis of total revenue contribution by sectors during the 2016/17 Fiscal Year.