• Carried out a High Resolution Countrywide Airborne Geophysical Survey in 2013-2014 with production of its Interpretation Report in 2018. The sponsorship of this survey was World Bank and European Union. This survey followed a similar one in 1984/85 conducted by Hunting Geology and Geophysics under the sponsorship of UNDP. Both data sets are available for public use.
  • Implemented the Remapping the Geology of Malawi Project dubbed “Geological Mapping and Mineral Assessment Project” (GEMMAP) with the largest scale at 1:100,000. The project was carried out from 2016-2021 with sponsorship from the French Republic.
  • Produced various types of Geological Maps and Bulletins in the initial inception of the Geological Survey Department by the British Colonial Government. Most of these publications were produced in 1950s and 1960s and they have been the basis for mineral resource development of the country.
  • Conducted geochemical surveys jointly with JICA in eleven (11) selected areas across the country.
  • Developed and installed the Geological Data Information Management System (GDMIS), which is still at intranet level with the aim of easing access to geoscientific information to the public. Efforts are progressing to place the system under internet.
  • Installed seismic monitoring equipment across the country in order to assist the department to assess earthquakes.


  • Detailed exploration and assessment of strategic minerals such as agro-minerals, industrial minerals and energy minerals.
  • The Department is vigorously discussing with potential donors to assist it map the country at more detailed scales such as 1:50,000; detailed assessment of gold occurrences in the country; assessment of strategic minerals and conduct geophysical surveys and detailed geochemical surveys in more promising areas and others.



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Analysis of total revenue contribution by sectors during the 2016/17 Fiscal Year.