Mineral Research and Laboratory Services Division

Services provided by the Division are as follows:
  1. Mineral Processing
  • bench-scale beneficiation tests development and execution
  • designing of flow sheets for bench scale beneficiation projects
  • testing of existing mineral processing plants to improve performance and operating efficiency.
  • disseminating benefits of mineral processing technology in the mining community with a view of encouraging them to establish mineral processing plants
  • train small scale minerals in good production methods and value addition.
  1. Analytical Services;
  2. Research Services; and
  3. Gemological Services.
  • Gem identification and valuation;
  • Monitor collates and maintain a record of operative world gemstone prices and advise gemstone miners accordingly.


Ministry of Mining,

P.O Box 251,

Lilongwe, MALAWI

Tel: +265-1-755 303

Matamando House,

City Center, Lilongwe


Analysis of total revenue contribution by sectors during the 2016/17 Fiscal Year.