Inspectorate Division

The division is responsible for conduction of inspections in order to monitor compliance of mining operators with the requirements of the Mines and Minerals Act, the regulations or conditions of a mineral tenement. In addition, the Division also enforces the Explosives Act.
Services provided by the Inspectorate Division include issuance of explosives permits and licences for use in mining and other civil works as follows:
  1. Import Permit
  2. Permit to Possess
  3. Dealer’s Licence
  4. Blasting licence
  5. Storage Licence
  6. Manufacturing licence
The division has got sections categorised as follows:
  1. Mining occupational health and safety inspectorate section;
  2. Explosives inspectorate section;
  3. Mining environmental inspectorate section; and
  4. Oil and gas inspectorate section.


Ministry of Mining,

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Lilongwe, MALAWI

Tel: +265-1-755 303

Matamando House,

City Center, Lilongwe


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